Today is a New Day

Today is a new day, a new morning as God granted us at every single wakening. Once again the birds sing to the tune of the fresh blowing wind. A wave of divinity that breeds the new hopes and faith for this new start. Once again the leaves dance to the tune of all of […]

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Excerpt from a Yage Ceremony

The visions started to come, mellow, gently but with an immense amount of energy colors and knowledge. At this point The Shaman was not human anymore. He didn’t have a single cell that contained the human genome, for now all his sacred configuration had changed. His double strand DNA opened into a flow of universal consciousness […]

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So for some reason, now the sun shines differently. The clouds seem a little opaque and rain is lauder than usual. For some reason the words I write, the music I play and the way I pull my sheets when Im going to sleep are different. So I remind myself, to stay strong, because I […]

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Things I can’t tell you

Have I told you about all the flowers that grow in my mind and heart when I remember the smile you hold while you laugh? Have I told you that your eyes are the greatest smile of all? Can I tell you, without getting onto your nerves, that you own my dreams from the day that […]

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The heart is speaking

Something really powerful is waking within. What started as a bonfire is turning into a burning heart, into a burning soul, into mere fire and life. It will always be delicate, needing nourishment to continue, susceptible to water, easily moved by wind and thoughts. Yet the universe is speaking through chaos, through expression, through laughter […]

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This is Surreal

And it is surreal. A simphony of emotions, an orchestra of feelings, an implosion of challenges and an explosion of sweetness. It is surreal, unbelievable and weirdly insane to think that a tsunami of changes could come against a place where I thought that it was maybe impossible. And it is not impossible. What is […]

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The New Beginning.

It all started with an implosion of love that resulted into an expansion of consciousness that we so call universe. What a beautiful gift to start our story. Isn’t God amazing? The sun wakes us up, yet we tend to forget that this prismatic fest is a call to start all over again. I forgot […]

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