How can I explain something that only my baby neurons can acknowledge? To be broken down every other minute yet always picking up the pieces with the hope that they will now hold on forever. And I know I am not alone. I know that the cosmic weaving naturally takes us to those dark spots […]

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Today I pray 

Our prayers must stay strong and firm on rough trails, for it is then when the big breakthroughs happen.

I pray for love and light in everyone’s path. We deserve the best and The Universe deserves to see our best shine. 

Thank you Yage. Thank you God.

Infinite Blessings.
José Andrés Arvide

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Oración para el día presente

Oración para el día del presente…. Gracias Dios. Gracias por expandir tu altruismo y dar a luz al paisaje de experiencias más hermoso de esta dimensión. Gracias Dios por darnos una pincelada de entendimiento sobre la grandeza y belleza de este universo y sus pequeños macros en donde se esconde lo divino y sagrado. Gracias […]

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Don’t Look for Your Purpose 

Have you seen clouds making mistakes, or the sun doubting about itself? Have you seen an apple tree giving oranges? Don’t look for your eyes, you see therefore you know you have them. Don’t look for the purpose of your life, you live therefore you have a purpose. Live and love fully now. 

Jose Andres Arvide 

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Monday Motivation

Don’t let your fears and doubts hijack the metamorphosis that you are experiencing. Faith in the path, in the blossoming of our spirits is necessary if we want to journey back to our hearts. Listen, trust and enjoy the beautiful process with firmness. 

Jose Andres Arvide

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My Advice 

In the presence of darkness one must hold on to the light, yet darkness must be compassionately loved to be able to transform it into music. This metamorphosis takes us directly to that place where singing bursts, emotions and feelings pour through the action where we find ourselves flowing. It is then when channels open […]

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Excerpt from a Yage Ceremony

The visions started to come, mellow, gently but with an immense amount of energy colors and knowledge. At this point The Shaman was not human anymore. He didn’t have a single cell that contained the human genome, for now all his sacred configuration had changed. His double strand DNA opened into a flow of universal consciousness […]

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