Her Eyes

He could only think about her eyes. The way they shined in the mere absence of light but that of the moon. The way they expelled joy while letting out locked words, and tension when doubt was poured over her. The same sight that enchanted his heart with no more than a first encounter, was […]

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All is Good

All is good baby… I’m telling you all is good. The sun is up and there is much learning for us. Just remember, stay humble and laugh enough.

José Andrés Arvide 

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The Thorn

I feel as if some kind of thorn got stuck into one of my fingers. I feel no pain, at times no discomfort, but whenever I notice that it is still stuck, the pressure is felt. I tend to forget that this “thorn” is still here, and that it hasn’t left its mild presence from […]

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My whole body seems to be entranced and enchanted. Some kind of lightness possesses my mind and keeps my whole being distracted and dispersed as an aroused teenager. I keep daydreaming, imagining and recreating what appeals to me as the ideal and sensual. My dreams are filled by that which tickled my lips and caught my […]

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The ghost

And after all the turmoil has past away. After all the weird wiggly sensations are washed away together with all the nice cloth and hair styling gel, there is only something that could be left. Either you laugh, with unconditional love towards what you learned, or you smile backwards with salty tears. As all the thoughts […]

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Some kind of sweet mellowed music started to resonated in my mind. I could not figure out were it came from for my nostalgic nature would turn any rhythm into an orchestra of passion. Maybe it came from some kind of disillusion, or a frenetic night which was accompanied by a warm and beloved song. Either way, […]

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The Passionate Departure

His stare became something more like admiration, or probably appreciation. As the sun started to melt away on the horizon a sense of resolution took his soul. He noticed that this sublime event had been accompanying every folly and passion of his own. Every tear and smile have been shared with the unchallengeable sun and his […]

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