Importance of Being

Life sometimes looses importance, it looses meaning as words without people. But what might the meaning of life be? What can the meaning of I be in this life? What importance can anything have if everything burns into smoke and disperses into the voidness? Hope seems to disappear as the illusion of significance is unveiled. […]

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What is alive

Imagine ourselves as not knowing anything. As a blank sheet of paper, where not even the ilusion of white can be concieved, only and becouse we have no relation nor acknowledgement of the exterior at this point. As if we were unconscious, granting the fact that we can’t be conscious when we know/ perceive nothing. […]

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I came to the conclusion that anything that exists is anything that opposes to eternality, infinity and universality. Furthermore, anything alive is that which is waking up from this impermanence and struggles to rise once again as spaceless and atemporal.  A pure idealism.

José Arvide

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The Awakening of The Universe

In fact, the awakening of the universe was the moment when the singularity decided to expand. Organic evolution, growth, multiplicity. And now we are here. We are part of the continuous growth. We are an effect of the universe and just as it, we are changing and evolving. We are the universe experiencing itself. We […]

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Obvious Question

For what are we if we pose to ourselves the wrong questions? Should we not ask ourselves the questions that first come to our minds, from the source, from the instinct? The most logical question that we can pose to ourselves is, Why are stars so beautiful? What is up there that makes us contemplate and stare […]

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