Oración para el día presente

Oración para el día del presente…. Gracias Dios. Gracias por expandir tu altruismo y dar a luz al paisaje de experiencias más hermoso de esta dimensión. Gracias Dios por darnos una pincelada de entendimiento sobre la grandeza y belleza de este universo y sus pequeños macros en donde se esconde lo divino y sagrado. Gracias […]

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Burning from Within

Th fire whithin is burning, it is awake as the expanding drum that plays along each strum and chant of the musician. The heart starts flowering into something greater than what it once expencted to. Uniqueness arrives as if it was something adopted yet now it is understood that it was all a process. A […]

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Importance of Family

The best teacher in this life will always be, after life, our family. Wounds, experiences and emotions are carried through time and the mighty constellations. Anything which hasn’t been carried away by the wind or left behind will shape the ground and structure of ones foundation, its parents. This foundation is and will be the […]

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My advice

Overtime, we gather luggage. We gather many emotions towards people and sometimes things. Overtime we wear out our teeth from grinding them, from swallowing words and spelling frases which hold more power than the word of a king. Through out our lives we become obsessed over aspects that we cannot change, things we must ultimately […]

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Open letter -2015-

Love. That was the word of the year. This word is probably the one that has the most physical and ideal representations. Love is presented in every action, every thought. The same evolutionary momentum that makes all things flourish and continue living is the essence of love. The will to reach higher, together, that is love. Love was the […]

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Adventure Yourself

Imagine, for real. Do not just imagine with the mentality that what you see in your head is not real. Do not imagine as if all these frequencies you see are merely impermanent and null. Let your consciousness, your mind, create a solid reality out of your sublime dreams. Let gravity move your weight towards […]

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