Let go and Let´s go

My spirit is overwhelmed with the dose of pure life that has been pushed through my senses, my heart, and my veins. Pain and sorrow diffuse as something that simply needs to be left behind. Letting be but not forgetting what shaped us. Strong as a jaguar, moving slowly, feeling, hearing, watching. Correct and respectful […]

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Today is a New Day

Today is a new day, a new morning as God granted us at every single wakening. Once again the birds sing to the tune of the fresh blowing wind. A wave of divinity that breeds the new hopes and faith for this new start. Once again the leaves dance to the tune of all of […]

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Importance of Family

The best teacher in this life will always be, after life, our family. Wounds, experiences and emotions are carried through time and the mighty constellations. Anything which hasn’t been carried away by the wind or left behind will shape the ground and structure of ones foundation, its parents. This foundation is and will be the […]

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Importance of Being

Life sometimes looses importance, it looses meaning as words without people. But what might the meaning of life be? What can the meaning of I be in this life? What importance can anything have if everything burns into smoke and disperses into the voidness? Hope seems to disappear as the illusion of significance is unveiled. […]

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“The univers is a  collective consciousness, which means that there is multiple subjective experience and consequently, we can’t be experiencing the same experience at the same time. Though, we are all feeding the same system, making it in this way, a collective consciousness.”

José Arvide

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The Awakening of The Universe

In fact, the awakening of the universe was the moment when the singularity decided to expand. Organic evolution, growth, multiplicity. And now we are here. We are part of the continuous growth. We are an effect of the universe and just as it, we are changing and evolving. We are the universe experiencing itself. We […]

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