Let go and Let´s go

My spirit is overwhelmed with the dose of pure life that has been pushed through my senses, my heart, and my veins. Pain and sorrow diffuse as something that simply needs to be left behind. Letting be but not forgetting what shaped us. Strong as a jaguar, moving slowly, feeling, hearing, watching. Correct and respectful […]

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Here I am

And here I am, looking at the concrete painted horizon, balanced with tree tops and beautiful hills that breath out dreams and myths in the form of morning fog. Here I am looking at the sunrise, hearing the birds prepare for their daily orchestra and insanely communicating their joy for this new day. Joy which I […]

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So for some reason, now the sun shines differently. The clouds seem a little opaque and rain is lauder than usual. For some reason the words I write, the music I play and the way I pull my sheets when Im going to sleep are different. So I remind myself, to stay strong, because I […]

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This is Surreal

And it is surreal. A simphony of emotions, an orchestra of feelings, an implosion of challenges and an explosion of sweetness. It is surreal, unbelievable and weirdly insane to think that a tsunami of changes could come against a place where I thought that it was maybe impossible. And it is not impossible. What is […]

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The New Beginning.

It all started with an implosion of love that resulted into an expansion of consciousness that we so call universe. What a beautiful gift to start our story. Isn’t God amazing? The sun wakes us up, yet we tend to forget that this prismatic fest is a call to start all over again. I forgot […]

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Way Back To The Essence

I lay down in the open fields, where grass feeds the wild cattle and their much beloved depredators. Sacred lands where the cleanse of these animals gives birth to magic mystery. Few but big wide trees give shade to mushrooms, herbs and millions of little earth chiefs which we call insects. Nature seems to rise as we […]

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