When your sweetness finally pulled all the bitterness that hid under my skin, I was able to see through our now forgotten fairytales something which seemed as a meaning.  Some meaningfulness that healed the disrupted passion that had built, at least in my heart. And through this, all became clear, acceptable, furthermore beautiful, yet revealing […]

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Senseless World

And I go back to the quest of answers, as a narcotic, daredevil, or junky who loves to pick petals from the melancholic garden of sunflowers. And as a confused lover, adventurer, and seasonal writer, all words which spell from my hand aren’t suppose to make sense.  How could I write feelings as one would […]

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No different 

And I must be sincere with you. Yet I will not be direct for words burden the free, cage the wild and confuse the weak.  I must say that every sunset, every full moon, and every morning twilight, reminds me of some adventure we once had. Yet this is what time explained to me, wordlessly, […]

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How can I explain something that only my baby neurons can acknowledge? To be broken down every other minute yet always picking up the pieces with the hope that they will now hold on forever. And I know I am not alone. I know that the cosmic weaving naturally takes us to those dark spots […]

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Questions from a dead poet

What purpose does a poet have if nothing tickles his nerves nor carves in his dreams to awaken an intense passion or ache? What will the words that he spit through his trembling joints mean? Will these melt and fly away with his own sighs and doubts?  What happens when hurt and passion are pulled […]

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Oración para el día presente

Oración para el día del presente…. Gracias Dios. Gracias por expandir tu altruismo y dar a luz al paisaje de experiencias más hermoso de esta dimensión. Gracias Dios por darnos una pincelada de entendimiento sobre la grandeza y belleza de este universo y sus pequeños macros en donde se esconde lo divino y sagrado. Gracias […]

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Romantic Valse 

My body stumbles into a nostalgia that only an old poetic valse could awaken. One of those songs that accompany the dreamy romantic moments where the swaying rhythm of a guitar indicates either love or lost. Chords which pronounce themselves with a heart beating bass, yet the high pitched melody brings the precise amount of […]

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