Romantic Valse 

My body stumbles into a nostalgia that only an old poetic valse could awaken. One of those songs that accompany the dreamy romantic moments where the swaying rhythm of a guitar indicates either love or lost. Chords which pronounce themselves with a heart beating bass, yet the high pitched melody brings the precise amount of […]

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Today I Miss You

Today I miss you. Maybe yesterday I didn’t miss you yet I saw your shadow when I woke up and opened the curtains to the rising sun. But today is different, now it is the setting sun who reminds me of you. The different tones of red. The exotic shaped clouds.The color fest that these […]

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Here I am

And here I am, looking at the concrete painted horizon, balanced with tree tops and beautiful hills that breath out dreams and myths in the form of morning fog. Here I am looking at the sunrise, hearing the birds prepare for their daily orchestra and insanely communicating their joy for this new day. Joy which I […]

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Today is a New Day

Today is a new day, a new morning as God granted us at every single wakening. Once again the birds sing to the tune of the fresh blowing wind. A wave of divinity that breeds the new hopes and faith for this new start. Once again the leaves dance to the tune of all of […]

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Things I can’t tell you

Have I told you about all the flowers that grow in my mind and heart when I remember the smile you hold while you laugh? Have I told you that your eyes are the greatest smile of all? Can I tell you, without getting onto your nerves, that you own my dreams from the day that […]

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The heart is speaking

Something really powerful is waking within. What started as a bonfire is turning into a burning heart, into a burning soul, into mere fire and life. It will always be delicate, needing nourishment to continue, susceptible to water, easily moved by wind and thoughts. Yet the universe is speaking through chaos, through expression, through laughter […]

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Last one 

The moon disappeared, magic vanished into a memory of what all used to be. Yet I carry a big faithful smile just because butterflies still dance through my voidness whenever I see you. Yet I see that something is lost, maybe we can look for it under passions, through kisses, stares or around some hugs. […]

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