When your sweetness finally pulled all the bitterness that hid under my skin, I was able to see through our now forgotten fairytales something which seemed as a meaning. 

Some meaningfulness that healed the disrupted passion that had built, at least in my heart. And through this, all became clear, acceptable, furthermore beautiful, yet revealing that all might of been far from real love. 

At the end, infatuation is what feeds passionate adventures, and it all seemed as one. Yet all journeys are adventures, but I believe that not all adventures are journeys. And what we painted with smiles was far from being a journey, as for love, it is the greatest journey of all, still to be uncovered by you and me. 

Yet adventures like ours are like old misplaced tattoos from our impulsive selves, that ultimately remind us of something truely special. Almost as a regretful nostalgia towards something which we could be better of without, yet the bitter scar is sweet enough to mean something more than its irrefutable pain and silliness.

Jose Andres Arvide

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