How can I explain something that only my baby neurons can acknowledge? To be broken down every other minute yet always picking up the pieces with the hope that they will now hold on forever. And I know I am not alone. I know that the cosmic weaving naturally takes us to those dark spots where the shadow sucks us without even letting us see the path towards paradise. And I do not fight against it for inspiration is something that is planted in my mind as the stars are painted in the night sky. This inspiration is the one that gives me a reason to pull words into beautiful stances during those sweet lapses of light and joy, yet I must not hold on to this, because I know I’ll miss it too much during those painful and chaotic moments. 

So how can I explain what can only be understood by ourselves, what can only be understood once it is felt, and what is totally subjective to my own blossoming. Being alone, going insane and seeing the borderline which inaugurates the void fall into my own ruin, which is ultimately reached every night yet the pitfall always takes me back to the same horizon, the same amount of steps away from the same drop. And here I find my self, in one of the sweet lapses of this journey. One of those moments where I have just enough time to breath before the next low cut, mental jab and confusion uppercut. Yet pain, distraction, and this shadow seem to loose power as I hold through the journey. 

Maybe this is what seeds feel when their wombs are broken by their own guts to finally burst a holy hunger for life that can only be related to the expanding Universe. Maybe this indescribable pain that I feel is simply that, star clouds clashing and cooking with insanely high temperatures that which usually result as perfectly harmonized universes. So at the end, the light that will always remain is the love that only faith can cultivate, and this is my evolutionary gene, our genetic trait that can take you and me through any liberation needed to keep our weaving celestial and beautiful. So I must pick up the pieces infinite and one times if I want them to hold on forever. It is just as true love or symbiotic species, it is something that naturally comes when it has to come. And as it comes it will be as a couple of soulmates when they encounter for the first time, a true universal celebration.

And if you doubt about this, go out during the morning twilight and contemplate the birds singing to the selfless, perfect existing, rising sun. Isn’t this a puzzle holding all together? Isn’t this the result of infinite cosmic battles, expansions and light years of evolutionary chaos? Isn’t this a symbiotic relationship between the birds and father sun, the final result of what started as a Big Bang? And now, look, an ongoing celebration, a puzzle that finally held together after so much chaos. A weaving that conspires against entropy, against deceiving and depression. Simply beautiful. 

So pick up your pieces infinite and one times, for one day you will hold together, your puzzling will be now a manifestation of universal beauty. And as a spoiler I’ll let you know, one day your soulmate will fit into that missing piece, and the celebration will be, well now you know, celestially awesome. 

Jose Andres Arvide

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