Romantic Valse 

My body stumbles into a nostalgia that only an old poetic valse could awaken. One of those songs that accompany the dreamy romantic moments where the swaying rhythm of a guitar indicates either love or lost. Chords which pronounce themselves with a heart beating bass, yet the high pitched melody brings the precise amount of sweetness to awake old memories. 

My body dances to this unpredictable journey that a song can entrance, yet my mind wonders around through that which is still fresh and forcefully ignored. My heart remembers once again that the only one that can cheat on him is time, and that my mind is simply being cocky to that which is meant to be smiled at. 
As the song starts to mellow down into a slow tempo, stirring and scratching hidden feelings, I realize that being in love is much more than loving someone else. I realize that I am in love with life, with my old lover and with myself. I am in love with that romantic valse that swings me through life and all the sweet heartbreaking moments which carve me into a beautiful dancer. 

And as the song dives into its last resonating chords, the playful melody tickles my eyes and whispers to my ears something which I hadn’t realized nor embodied before. I am peeling into the interpreter of this song. Into a poet, a musician, a dancer, into the lover of life that we are meant to be. 
Jose Andres Arvide

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