My Advice 

In the presence of darkness one must hold on to the light, yet darkness must be compassionately loved to be able to transform it into music. This metamorphosis takes us directly to that place where singing bursts, emotions and feelings pour through the action where we find ourselves flowing. It is then when channels open and the opportunity to go further into the realm of Love becomes available. 
If one wants to weave their way back to The Essence and The Beginning of Time, I must share one secret:

Faith ensures The Path, synchronicity, and liberates us from all doubts and fears. Work and reclaiming our inner fire invokes the Cosmic Energy that pulls us and pushes us into flowering, into our Divine Purpose. Listening, devotion and contemplation directs us to The Middle Path, The Innate Path towards our hearts. Our sweet way back home and into all it’s mysteries. And humbleness my friends, humbleness simply assures everything, builds everything, shapes, ignites, impulses, develops and conducts every single atom from this existence. 

Everything will automatically fall apart as soon as we start singing from our minds and not through our hearts. Channels will close and darkness will rise once again to test our courage and faith in holding the light once again, testing our will to reach the opportunity of living The Truth once again. And this breakdown will be experienced many times I assure you. It won’t be until we build ourselves strong enough and find our integrity to rest in harmony during chaos that we will stop crawling and will start walking. 

Once channels are open and the gut feeling opportunity is there, we should not loose faith nor fear this high voltage. Running away of this would only bring us back into the vicious cycle of purposeless pleasure and suffering. 

And I will tell you one secret that will inevitably burden you to knowledge, and you must know that after this you won’t be able to turn your face away from The Truth and Love: in every instant, in every blink of an eye, infinite opportunities and channels are open and available for us to weave our dance into Love and into The Divine. Every instant the Universe is offering us The Truth and we must decide wether we want to rip ourselves and expand into the limitless and beautiful or if we want to fall into the vicious karmic cycles and waste our infinite opportunities to liberate.
Jose Andres Arvide

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