And I have never feared bittersweetness

And I have never feared bitterness. I have never feared that which approaches my soul with great delicateness only to dismantle my whole armor and the few coats that my heart wears. I have never feared taking faith leaps into the dark where a deep void could catch me and melt me into shapeless trash. I have never feared being destroyed and stepped over because I know that the fire within is omnipresent, ready to take the ashes and implode into a beautiful diamond. I have never feared loving fully devoted and intensely, whether it is a someone, a practice, a place or a moment. I have never feared drowning into the excesses where all the myths and legends clash into an esoteric secret that only the passionate could then embody. I have never feared loneliness, yet I must accept that this is the least comfortable, for it is then when I truly see my light which instantly dazzles my eyes and shows me that the path and the purpose must be lived in the infinite present and not with the finite senses. I have never feared my path and purpose, yet I must accept that this is the must confusing, for the only thing I fear, my mind, constantly challenges my soul into an anxious battle just to distract my heart from what it is intrinsically seeking. I have never fear sweetness, yet I owe eternal respect and humbleness to it, for its sweet nectar can take us to realms that seduce our whole beings, taking us back again to the beginning. So we must not fear this trap, yet we must stay clear and faithful if we want to live this unreal reality of all light all love. And I have never feared this bittersweet mystery, never will for then being alive looses all its flavors and smells.  
Jose Andres Arvide

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