Today is a New Day

Today is a new day, a new morning as God granted us at every single wakening. Once again the birds sing to the tune of the fresh blowing wind. A wave of divinity that breeds the new hopes and faith for this new start. Once again the leaves dance to the tune of all of that that inspires the natural cycle of death and rebirth. It’s a new day to honor the instant where an infinite amount of galaxies, worlds and ears exist to bring this bright reality into play. The heart beats, the lungs contract in search of new airs, our limbs are moved by the divine momentum that guides us into our true and pure essence. We sing, we must sing. We must keep strong and and firm accordingly to that that we follow. That that we believe in, that which we have chosen. Once the eyes open to the light they may not be closed eternally to evade that which is now ever present. It is a new day to live in love, to work our way to effortless joy. It is a new sunrise to remember that the path is our path, and that our path is that which brings us back home. Sun came up to reminds us the simplicity of letting go and serving for the divine, for this will guide us to the same natural essence of the sun: being with out thinking. Doing what we came to do without question nor doubt. We are here, now and forever voyaging to the infinite. Let’s enjoy this new morning then, specially for those who have understood, should we not take it for granted or ignore it, for it will always burst back into our lives as life and death or suffering and pleasure. Remember, we are every instant playing our own divinity, our own game, our own divine dance for the gods, grandfathers and spirits. Our heart is speaking now, forever, to the infinity and beyond. We must hear it, we must follow it.


Jose Andres Arvide

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