Here I am

And here I am, looking at the concrete painted horizon, balanced with tree tops and beautiful hills that breath out dreams and myths in the form of morning fog. Here I am looking at the sunrise, hearing the birds prepare for their daily orchestra and insanely communicating their joy for this new day. Joy which I certainly feel, joy which I certainly need in those moments where only nature can really comfort my heart. And here I am going from crosslegged position into all the variations that express my battle between the now and the past. Yet I keep my eye sight on the morning shades and the crossing birds, trying to evade all bitterness and all memories that fly through my romantic heart. I feel strong yet my mind is weak, my words come out easily and tears are only waiting for a snap to be released. I am in love with this new day, this new sunset in my dreamland as I am in love with you, with the singing birds, with your smile, and this sorrow that calls for hope on a romantic encounter. And here I am, and here I will be, every morning contemplating the beauty of both of you, yet I know that nature will never let me down nor pull me back. I know that this sunset will give me the strength to start a new beginning everyday without giving me bitter days to remember.


Jose Andres Arvide

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