The heart is speaking

Something really powerful is waking within. What started as a bonfire is turning into a burning heart, into a burning soul, into mere fire and life. It will always be delicate, needing nourishment to continue, susceptible to water, easily moved by wind and thoughts. Yet the universe is speaking through chaos, through expression, through laughter and tears. The cosmos and all the stars within are lightening, shattering all perceptions and believes just to give birth to pure courage and purpose. The heart is speaking, is crying for release. And it is there, at the tip of the tongue speaking through the emotions that fuel the soul. We are here, as humans, living our humane condition, attached to that that seduces our minds. Yet we know that all is there simply to give us strength, to inspire us, to make us glow. No more doubts, no more fears, no more of anything that controls our real purpose and path. This is life, at its finniest and fullest. We must face it with courage and faith. Let’s do this. Let’s do this once and for all.

José Andrés Arvide

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