Last one 

The moon disappeared, magic vanished into a memory of what all used to be. Yet I carry a big faithful smile just because butterflies still dance through my voidness whenever I see you. Yet I see that something is lost, maybe we can look for it under passions, through kisses, stares or around some hugs. Maybe we could look for it and find it as water underground, all the sudden bursting and giving life to that which is magic. But just maybe, because we might as well realize that it is not lost but gone, it left to enchant someone else. It might be gone leaving no trace nor detonator, it is over, it is dying and surviving on an old memory, so now it ended as infatuation. Maybe this is why the moon hasn’t reappeared. Maybe this is why I do not notice the full moon anymore. Maybe this is why my stares lost magic for you, and your kisses feel void and stiff.

Yet I am faithful to find the moon once again, and it might not be with you, but how much I would love to find you once again. I want to see that glare in your eyes when a candle was lid in the darkness. That glare where magic and love would peak into my eyes and show me that you are the one. How much would I love to turn ashes into fire once again, to run through space thinking that atoms were moving only to gaze at true love in ecstasy. Yet I fall back and realize that actually my heart is finally matching my mind. This feeling of uncertainty is simply the expression of a truth that can’t be revoked. It is gone, all is over and to be found once again somewhere else, but hopefully this time, finding that which is true and contrary to illusions. Between love and infatuation and passion and lust, I found that the lost link is simply how the magic might turn into a cold melting ice or a vivid star beaming more and more light. May we move to the next love story hoping that illusion and magic don’t confuse each other turning what can be an explosion of consciousness into a viscous cycle of attachment and regrets. May we find true essence and pureness. May we find love, true love. May we not fear falling back into a story like this. 

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