Paradise is not lost

Paradise is not lost. Just as the piano man that plays intensely and passionately while no one hears, we need to explode with love while no eyes see. Love is felt through the vibrations that shock every cell of our body into life. They say live, our mind plays the joker game and takes the lead, our heart says no and goes on through the currents and torments like an old Viking sailor would do. Our body comes back into life once again. Our eyes glare hunger and our voice is strong and complete. Our taste is sensible as that of a new born. Our skin, full of calluses, full of abuse, is renewed into something much similar to a terminal ill patient who just discovered life once again. 
The piano man continues to play. He goes from minor chords to mayor chords, into a deep climax leading a whole orchestra only with one hand and one heart. His hands move through arpeggios exchanging emotions while his thumbs break the bass and his pinky inaugurates the vibratos of his magic piano. He is one with his tool, they are one with his heart. 
We transform. Adrenaline is rushed into our bloodstream pulling our nerves together yet dilating every artery, every vessel, every muscle fiber containing life within. We transform into something truly alive, truly passionate, glowing love, expressing hunger yet much peace in our walk, in our words. The piano resonates in all our cavities. Every extension of our body reacts to this enlightening play. Every atom of our body dissolve into the whole present and interact to create that which we are granted only once: life. 
The piano man mellows down, voltage in our bodies reach its peak, fully opening our eyes and pulling us out of what was an illusion. We fall into our knees, grab our heads and gaze at the piano man. He softly closes his passionate composition with a enchanting chord. We are alive, we are here, we are present. The piano man possessed our entire being through a journey of discovery, of adventure, of an encounter. We touched pure ecstasy and found what we had lost, our essence. We exploded into love and did not even noticed that no one was seeing. We experienced our true selves.
Jose Andres Arvide

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