I learnt 

Just like a romantic vals, my steps go softly and melancholic. Every thought crosses my mind with a soft voice which reminds me of your smile. It could be sad, these thoughts and memories could carry a veil of sadness and rencor yet these are accompanied by a mellow and sweet Ukelele. A beat that awakens the feet and turns that vals dance into a swing party. A melody that brings all the sweetness from the past into a present nostalgic yet beautiful dance. 
Yet it is funny, I never learnt to dance. You never thought me your moves, your secrets. You never thought me how to dance even though you thought me everything else that hides in the valley of love. Maybe time didn’t want this last secret to be told from you, maybe the way to find this art was by myself. Maybe I want to dance while I remember you, because I am discovering the last thing that was left in that paradise we lived. 
Now you thought me how to dance to our love and you are not even here to laugh at my silliness, yet I know that you are also discovering something which only in my absence can be understood by you, my love. Maybe, I am also there, present in the way of your steps teaching you what was left to discover in that valley where we once walked and loved each other. 
Jose Andres Arvide

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