Yes, my heart is soft

Soft, that is how my heart is now a days. Soft and tender, yet it is not smooth as the clouds in those mellow summer days. My heart is defined by the emotions that have trailed through its vast arteries and void ventricles. My heart has been shaped by an orchestra of fears and doubts yet the conductor of this beautiful symphony has always been a divine sense of passion and adventure. So my heart is not smooth, it is not fearless yet not stuck. My heart is not flowing like water down a river but it is always moving like a mad ocean in a thunderstorm. My heart thunders through with the Nordic Gods and breaks through anything that is willing to stop it form blossoming wildly. My heart wounds yet heals and scars through anything like nature would do against any concrete imposition. 

I am my heart, my dreams, my illusions, my mistakes, flaws, my present my past and my future. I am what I have been and will be in this divine play. My heart is my best companion in this battle through shades to find that which most enlightens my eyes, pleases my ears and teases my voice. So yes my heart is soft, but it is this way because it has learned that hardening itself would only impede it from sensing, feeling, pleasing and living. Yes my heart is soft, my smile is shy and my voice will have to hear yours first before vibrating through space. Yes I do look like crawling through life, hiding from mix realities or shading my questions with a salad of weird excuses. 

Yes I am human, and yes I am a warrior striving for that fountain of pure love and that infinite everlasting present. Yes my heart is soft, yes my heart is love. 
Jose Andres Arvide 

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