Burning from Within

Th fire whithin is burning, it is awake as the expanding drum that plays along each strum and chant of the musician. The heart starts flowering into something greater than what it once expencted to. Uniqueness arrives as if it was something adopted yet now it is understood that it was all a process. A process of finding oneself, of loving ourselves, of realizing yourself. Just as a caterpillar, once it evolves into a butterfly it will fly freely for as long as life replenish it with love and energy each morning. We rise from bitterness, confusion and friction, only to realize that this is what pushes sweetness and life force through the circuits of our body and spirit. We grow, we transmute, we learn and move towards a divine purpose, a joyful party with the astros but also with nature and our family, humanity. It is time to let life move us to our true essence, our solemn purpose. It is time to hear what the wind has to tell us, what rain and the stars have to chant to us, and most important, what our heart is begging us for. There is only one unique truth for each one of us, and we are the only ones to really honor and awake it. We are all healers, we are all beautiful, we are all part of the cosmos, of the plants, of the universe, of a greater structure of love and expansion. Let’s live in tune of that drum that beats to the melody of the divine. Let’s burn into life, into a beautiful flame of love.

José Andrés Arvide

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