Importance of Family

The best teacher in this life will always be, after life, our family.

Wounds, experiences and emotions are carried through time and the mighty constellations. Anything which hasn’t been carried away by the wind or left behind will shape the ground and structure of ones foundation, its parents. This foundation is and will be the principles by which the newborn fire has to cope with/to and blossom into a particular being.

There will never be a perfect home, perfect family, parenting or relationship. The stars are organized and organize throughout time naturally. Expanding, exploding and crashing among each other to form new systems and beautiful geometric dances. Seemingly, we are born in systems which are in constant evolution, growth and cleanse.

We are blown into one of this systems to play the dance, the ultimate nature of the feminine and masculine where life exists upon. We are all, different and revolving around different constellations but under one same tutor, teacher, instinct. We are all co-creating and learning in the void, filing it and creating once more a duality, a beautiful ordered chaos.

So in this way we can learn to explain, analyze and accept the beauty of circumstances and experiences. These are simply the patterns and characteristics of ones particular system of stars. But ultimately in its purest form we are simply learning to dance and synchronic with the rest of the universe. Because of this we can explain relationships with others, and call it with a divine, call it cosmic relating and befriending.

Remember, family is the most important teacher, cultivator and motivator of life. It is what gets us into the flow, and together unifies all the components of existence which are hard to understand.

Learn with love and love will encircle your family, feeding the circuits of your system and coping devoutly and respectfully with neighboring, also learning systems. Ultimately, we are all trying to get into the profound beat of the great spirit. Once we understand the importance of our family and how we evolve and grow, we will learn to respect, accept and never judge the other and primarily oneself.

Family roots, grounds and connects ourselves with our humane, natural and impermanent side, but as well teaches us the importances of empathy, connection, altruism and consciousness. With out it, we would be a lost as a bird who was never thought to fly.

Love your family and feed it with gratitude and love, for it is teaching you how to be better and for better with the all.

Jose Andres Arvide

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