I can’t hold it any more.

I can’t hold the words in my mouth.

I can’t hold the image in my eyes,

of that that I’ve daydreamed for long now.


I can’t keep waiting for something that I’ve already gave up,

I can’t attach to that that already flew with the currents of life.


It time for me to say goodbye.


I am just a dreamer of passions,

and an insane adventurer of lust,

I am just a story teller that resides in own world.


I got one thousand and one story in my brain,

many of them that were left with great shame.


I have many illusions that were erased because of expectations,

but all are kept in my head with great faith.


Yet it is time to say goodbye.


Distracted, detached from life.

I feel like in a limbo where all I want is to be fine.


I search for the answer in remote places from my hands.

I think that a smile can be found from that that I want.


But what I want is far far away.

I want that which will never be mine.


So it is easy to say, and easier to understand.

I need to detach if I want to be all that I can be.


So it is time to say goodbye.


So goodbye, fall free with no fear.

No need to attach any longer for now I am free.


So goodbye, a nostalgic wave and a sight.

I know that platonic dreams are meant to remind us that we are alive.




Jose Andres Arvide

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