My whole body seems to be entranced and enchanted. Some kind of lightness possesses my mind and keeps my whole being distracted and dispersed as an aroused teenager. I keep daydreaming, imagining and recreating what appeals to me as the ideal and sensual. My dreams are filled by that which tickled my lips and caught my sight as a cobra would do to its prey. As simple as that I have became a prey, a dumb youth full of repressed fire. I haven’t been eaten, yet I feel as if something fundamental has been whipped away from my heart. I feel void, even though it is anciently said that giving up is a form of fulfillment. But how fulfilled can I be if I gave up to something which I was not able to taste. I am simply disconnected from my source, my flame, my core. My attention has traveled towards that  which I must wait cautiously and not intuitively. I have seen what a burst of passion can do to an unfulfilled voidness.


Jose Andres Arvide

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