The ghost

And after all the turmoil has past away. After all the weird wiggly sensations are washed away together with all the nice cloth and hair styling gel, there is only something that could be left. Either you laugh, with unconditional love towards what you learned, or you smile backwards with salty tears. As all the thoughts settle down, hopefully together with a nice song which can bring a new aperture, the way we look into life at this moment defines the way that we will sleep at night. And as weird as it may sound, I think about sleeping simply because it is at this moment that I think the most about you. But remember that when everything has been washed away and there is no more than you void mind to captivate, there will be a ghost that will want to hunt you. The past. The past emotions, the past events, the past things that you adventured will want to make you feel as if you gave up something. Those kisses which melted away, the caresses that vanished into someone else’s adventure and the constant laughters which accompanied the way you stared into those sweet eyes will be printed in your skin as an old tattoo that you never really liked. But don’t struggle, don’t stress over what shone in your eyes and got your blood reach places it never did before. Don’t regret living something which was short and tempting, for these are the things that show us that passion is really the core of lives. The breaking core of our lives. And never ever regret feeling deeply that that caught your spirit, even though it could had been pure illusion and infatuation. Remember, there is only one place and one time to feel deeply all of what is offered to us.

Jose Andres Arvide

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