Some kind of sweet mellowed music started to resonated in my mind. I could not figure out were it came from for my nostalgic nature would turn any rhythm into an orchestra of passion. Maybe it came from some kind of disillusion, or a frenetic night which was accompanied by a warm and beloved song. Either way, this song moved my guts and stopped the tense flow in my blood. My hands started to shake very mildly as if some kind of quake was about to undertake. As heat raised from the evaporating emotions in my body, laughter broke instantly with a gentle and dancing tear. Let myself say dancing for the path it took down my cheek was quite unfamiliar. This unfamiliarity thought me that maybe this song was a new adventure that my heart was inviting myself to enjoy. This tear probably was the way to let go that which I held with great love yet not future. And finally the laughter which broke into my ecstatic trance was the best way to realize that at the end it is all pure silliness and some sweet kind of joke. Suddenly I felt relieved, and realized that the song with inspired love came entirely from the breeze chanting together with the leaves of the trees.


Jose Andres Arvide

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