The Passionate Departure

His stare became something more like admiration, or probably appreciation. As the sun started to melt away on the horizon a sense of resolution took his soul. He noticed that this sublime event had been accompanying every folly and passion of his own. Every tear and smile have been shared with the unchallengeable sun and his festive salutes. This simple thought took his stare farther away reflecting into his own being. He knew it was going to be the last time that he was going to see light of this genre, but his content was yet more powerful. He knew, that after all those years of struggle and release, the only way to enjoy the pure present moment was by acknowledging content. He felt content for his life, his passions, his flaws and rages. He felt content for what he had decided to exploit, a live of theatrical drama. A life of smooth and slow expressions and explosive emotions. A life that just as the sun does at his sunrise, he had tasted and released every color of his own. His gaze went even deeper into the poisoned red dot which hided with a romantic attitude under the horizon. Tears broke down from his eyes as music breaks rust from ones knees. He did not move an inch yet his soul seemed to burst out of his body. The sun played in such a frequency that nostalgia and regret seeded out of his mind. He started to playback into those moments of unexplainable joy and minimalist passion. He went through all the suppressed moves which could of made him someone different. He felt a cool wave of air caress his body as his memories proved that his life was filled of unforgettable moments. He was finally satisfied and entranced into his heroic departure. He was leaving and he knew it, but with a great kiss off. He had thanked life for showing him that the wild currents of life were something which could only be sailed once. He was finally content and light. As the sun finished its prismatic fest, his whole being started to fade away into the birthing night. Dramatically and passionately he opened towards the unknown and letted himself be drifted away by the darkness of memories. He bursted into colors and as by mere magical artistry his soul formed singing birds and raging eagles. The best representation of a life full of dualities and tastes. A life of good and bad, kiss and stare, love-making and regret. Finally this climactic release closed with the sound of the cleansing wind. Everything was dusted away, the sun had hidden, the clouds were now part of the stars and the old unknown man’s soul was now part of the revolting wind. Silence was brought back and mystery was once again the pure quality of the sparkling sunset and sunrise. There was once again no one to tell the story of what really happened during these moments of explosive passion but the memories, nostalgias and lusts of those who were carried away by their own mind and colors.

Jose Andres Arvide

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