Way into freedom

Nothing can be conceived at this moment. Darkness seems as if it became alive, as if this voidness vibrated into a pragmatic fest. Colors start sparking just as life surges from the seed of any plant. Colors start dancing to the tune of the resonating chanting that bursts this party into life. My head starts swinging around with the dancing darkness, with the sparkling colors and the now rising frequency. Love is impulsed as a jaguar reaching for its prey, with hunger, with intuition, with the upmost and closest form of praising. Power takes my body into a dimension where only this incomprehensible chanting can be heard. Lack of comprehension is nothing to fear of at this instant for my heart understands the meaning of this now fully alive call. A call which is answered by blessing spirits and shining stars. A call for help, cleanse and lift.

Vibrations start to penetrate every cell of my now possessed body. I call my self as possessed for my spirit has fully awakened to its existence at this moment. Chanting becomes yet slicker and deeper. Chanting starts to echo in my head rather than in my surroundings. My head becomes pure dance, pure music, pure praise and chant. Then understanding, precisely comprehension, starts to rise. Echoes are mellowed down, my eyes are opened abruptly and life stares right straight at me. I could say that it is the chanting that stares at me, but synergy is so strong that my whole being is melted into the whole, yet rhythmically dancing to the vocals. A sense of forgiveness appears, of surrender and gratitude. Tears fall down with my humbled head. Cosmic weight falls on top of my back, trowing me down into my knees and hands, making me feel even closer to my mother earth. I am alive.

Chanting goes back to its past presence but now it is soft and light. I have never before felt so alive, so unique and special. I have never felt so humble towards the creation as in this moment of total detachment and unique comprehension. I am alive, am alive, alive. The chanting explained its self. Pure aliveness it is. The exotic explanation of life, no meaning, no purpose but dancing, enchanting, and being alive. I had to lay down at this moment, for weight has turned into something so strong that pure relieve would mean total surrender. Everything becomes clear, life is understood, chanting is comprehended by the same means. My existences is now explained and welcomed into this universe. I am no I, I am simply “aliveness” dancing. I am simply what the chanting is, a gesture of gratitude towards the whole, the essence, love. The loving weight from the cosmos is released with the frenetic cost of a sigh, I am released into the wilderness, I am now free. And with this ecstatic aperture into my very true essence, my birth is welcomed by the vivid drums that accompany the permanent chanting of my ancestors. I am truly welcomed into live, into the party that suggests existing.

Jose Andres Arvide

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