Way Back To The Essence

I lay down in the open fields, where grass feeds the wild cattle and their much beloved depredators. Sacred lands where the cleanse of these animals gives birth to magic mystery. Few but big wide trees give shade to mushrooms, herbs and millions of little earth chiefs which we call insects. Nature seems to rise as we create a symbiotic state, a state where we go back to our intuitive tune.

The night is splendid, not to much moonlight to dim the power of the stars, but enough presence to show us the way home. Besides the fire which crackles to the rhythm of the uplifting and intensifying drums, wise spirits seem to escort my soul into the unknown origins. Fire seems to dance to the tune of a mythical flute which hidden from my sight feels ever present and heart penetrating. At this moment an ecstatic feeling is born.

Temperature rises and the night lightens up. Ecstasy entrance the beats of my heart and tunes my entire being with the earthly frequency. As my eyes close and open incessantly, the sacred blinking gives aperture to a festive explosion of colors. Healing becomes deep and bittersweet, just as the flow that time and space have in our bodies. Vibrations intensify, we become aware and deeply rooted.

An unfamiliar drunkenness possesses my body, yet strangely this ecstatic and sacred state enchants my mind. I become easily swept away and consequently my dominator ego is flushed into the milky ways. I become humbly delicate and unarmed. As sounds seem to move away into the horizon and coldness becomes something sufficiently powerful to wake me up, synergy and symbiosis have already done their work. “Open your eyes” is echoed through my ears, and as flowering roses I follow my intuition. I am roused.

The sky seems to talk, the spirits seem to guide my soul and the ecstasy that has been created seem to transport my whole being to an unknown but familiar dimension. I come then I go, but ” I” is rather eccentric for now I am the whole. I feel more lucid than ever, music seems magically comprehensible and the fire now has transmuted into a chanting which guides me into my truth. Healing becomes deeper, cleanse becomes sought, and evolution is now in every cell of my body. I become water, fire, earth, wind and cosmos. I become what I am and I am becomes “we”, the whole.

Echoes become terribly entrancing. Stars become incredibly humbling. My body becomes comprehensively alien for all I see is a melted and mixed landscape of conscious atoms. My mind dissolves with the earthly breeze and language and thoughts disappear from my will to understand and name. Magic now makes its way into my heart, teaching its archaic technic of ecstasy.  At this point, no words would be able to describe the celebration that is being imparted by the universe. A celebration of healing, connecting and reorganizing. It would be better called, going back to the essence. I am now awakened to the universe and all I am left to do is to thank the creator.

Jose Andres Arvide


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