My advice

Overtime, we gather luggage. We gather many emotions towards people and sometimes things. Overtime we wear out our teeth from grinding them, from swallowing words and spelling frases which hold more power than the word of a king. Through out our lives we become obsessed over aspects that we cannot change, things we must ultimately accept and detach from. Many unresolved stories, numbers of gathered tears, some repressed screams, and many missing hugs which were left behind from pure anger and fear.

We might not notice it, but our suitcase is not that big, it is not something which can be filled permanently. Some things might be heavier than others and maybe some of our clothing might be dirty. Seemingly, the guise that we are currently knitting needs to be clean and uniform. We will give it our own style, some waves and different patterns, remember, it is life, but leaving unresolved patterns and messed up shapes might change the whole guise at the end. Knitting is an art, and life is analogically the same.

So remember brothers and sisters, knit your guise, your costume, your mind, your body, your being, accordingly and sweetly. Do not attach, do not build up a mountain of dirty and unnecessary clothing, for traveling requires lightweightness and proper utensils. Remember to love unconditionally and without judging. Take care for your words and thoughts, they are powerful. Smile sincerely, help carefully, and most important, resolve and love yourself. Do not loose your way, for we are all needed in this story.

Jose Arvide

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