The youth way

The sky is fractalized, the morning glory starts to take over the dark voidness during a sublime combat of the genesis. We sit here, staring at our empty eyes, at our clear and sincere souls, with no answer to our questions; no answer to our anxious nerves. The permanent noisy music that plays at hide and seek with the silence penetrates the walls of our body. Melancholy, a heavy sensation of abuse and excess seduces our selves. By mere infatuation we fall in a trap: martyrizing our existence.
Fatigue, nostalgia, regret and deception infuse in our expressions. Time dilates. Space loses importance. Abuse sharpness and a unique sense of love is shared. Passion echoes around you. Folly and nonsense pursuits our minds. Infiniteness becomes once again sole and paternal. Life reclaims its essence, an impermanent flux. A unique and marvelous fight is born, but now with out arms nor will to conquer. Water becomes our sole master and fire our paternal igniter. 

We are young.
Jose Arvide

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