Importance of Being

Life sometimes looses importance, it looses meaning as words without people. But what might the meaning of life be? What can the meaning of I be in this life? What importance can anything have if everything burns into smoke and disperses into the voidness? Hope seems to disappear as the illusion of significance is unveiled.  Only faith can be conceived for believing in the unknown is the only thing that can’t be defied. Not even blindness can be proved for seeing is merely a carnal function, but the real meaning of seeing is yet to be discovered. What importance can life have if we do not understand our primitive roots and consciousness? We do not even understand why there is what there is, and with our magical imagination we create gods, worlds and tales. What importance can everything have then?

There is nothing important, nothing relevant nor prime. There is nothing in the everything, for as a quantum magician say: everything is a reproduction of our own mind, but if it is so, our mind is a reproduction of what? Our minds seem to be a dream, an unstable dream of passions and lusts. Our eyes seem to be apertures in the universe, in the vacuumed space. Everything seems so real that we only know real as ourselves. But in reality, how can something in the something define the something. How can we define ourselves? How could we bite our own teeth?

Is consciousness the ultimate reality? Are we the only things that are real in this whole?

Is being important is holding the task of experiencing? Is this the only importance of life? Experiencing, living, being, flowing. It is all about being and seeing and feeling and hearing. That is the importance and only there can be for the rest is a conception of our dreams, but our minds need to live. We need to live in order to have a reason to be, if not death would be the universe and the universe our bodies. How can the universe be without eyes that sees it? How can I be in the nowhere? How can life loose importance when we are life? There is no important thing but what we naturally do, be. There is no need of words when being human is the only wording needed.

Jose Arvide

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