What is alive

Imagine ourselves as not knowing anything. As a blank sheet of paper, where not even the ilusion of white can be concieved, only and becouse we have no relation nor acknowledgement of the exterior at this point. As if we were unconscious, granting the fact that we can’t be conscious when we know/ perceive nothing. In this case, I go further beyond the state of being a baby. Not even a fetus who can “feel” the difference between the interior and the exterior is as blank as what I ilustrate, for a fetus already has a relation with the external world, some kind of interaction and relationship. If we scaled down into the most basic and fundamental of interaction, the mind would be the essence. The mind being something carnal, means that it is simply organic and grown from the human body, equally meaning that it is merely a body part. This debunking the fact that there is a separate consciousness. If a conscious matter were to give the human body “life”, it could have never been alive since it had no relation with the exterior, therefore being a blank sheet with no growth, build up nor reciprocation. Let myself say growth because something that is not blank, is in constant stimulation, recording informations just as an illustration of what empiricist claim. What this means is that something alive is all that has a relationship, furthermore, an interaction with the exterior. That which is alive poses a consciousness. All of that that surpasses the state of blankness and inexistance is consciente and alive. Something that has been reached by the mechanical and organic evolution that happens to occur in The Earth. The question that should be posed now is: What made us evolve into a mind of interaction/ dualism (dependency)? Or in other words, into a consciousness.

José Arvide

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