The Mundane Road And Broken Heart Way

Life seems to flow away,

and I feel,

I feel that I have lost its direction.

I can’t find what I search,

while I search for something I do not know.

Life seems to be incomprehensible.

Life is so mysterious.

But just as the explorer who runs into the unknown,

just as the thinker who searches for truth,

just as the meditator who looks for himself,

I am searching for the essence.

Viciously falling into the same lust.

The same need,

for that that misses.

For that that pleases our palates.

It is this the origin of all passion.

The birth of an oceanic feeling,

An insane infatuation.

By these means I find inspiration.

I find that which moves my cheeks,

tickles my stomach,

enchants my heart.

By these means I explore life,

adventure and folly.

I go into the dark and troublous water.

The unknown and the addictive.

I go into that that teases and seduces our souls.

By the mundane road and broken heart way,

I get marked by life,

and I sincerely smile at its magic.

I sincerely drop my head low,

and honor this chaos.

José Arvide

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