Waving life

Sometimes, life dims away with great sensibility and care. With a gentle resolution and a smiling end. Just as the ecstatic fest that a setting sun can unveil, life drowns away in the horizon leaving but voidness to live in. Yet, frequently life bangs into an ilusion, injecting frustration and nostalgia into our veins before we can even realize that living is beautiful. Sometimes, just as a cigarette falling from our hands into a pond of water, life stops spontaneously and violently. It leaves us with no comprehension and reason. It stops, it disappears, it becomes impossible to rescue. Life leaves a taste of passion and adventure in our tongues. A sensation of despair in our fingers, a melancholic sight and a shallow melody of a revealed infatuation in our ears.

But throughout our lives, we will learn how to play and live. One other cigarette will fall from our hands touching dirt or water, becoming impossible to smoke and appreciate. Then, in those spontaneous and patterned moments, a sincere and sporadic laughter will fall from our mouths. We will understand that it is all a game, that there is no seriousness but a waving play. In those painful intervals that reside in between ecstasy and bitterness, a lovely contrast that gives birth to nonsense and flux bursts. With attitud, shape and presence, life presents it’s beautiful dance. It’s beautiful and unexplaiable nature.

More cigarettes will come. More cigarrettes of different styles, tastes and shapes will come. More sensations and follies will posses us. More passions and adventures. More kisses, hugs, laughters and lovely sights will perplex us with fondness. More crazy nights, crazy cries, more goodbyes and genesis will come. Life is never over, it always seems as if it were ending, but in reality, it is only changing. It is shaping into the shapeless. It is dancing, it is simply dancing. Dance with it my friend. Enjoy every inhale from that burning cigar.

José Arvide
“Only those who smoke the cigar with presentness can understand why it burns into an illusory end.”

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