A little burden

However, life is hard you know. Not the hard ‘burdenish’ life that millions of individuals carry, nor a condemned life to work and monotony. Life in its essence, life for humans in its essence is hard. Something cold, dark, egocentric, liar and violent. Adding to this list, short and memorable.
There memorable might seem as an éclair, as an escaped ray of light. But it is becouse of its beautiful form, that our minds attach to its moves.
We remeber, we have memories…
We have sensitive bodies with melancholic minds. We have beaten hands with hard skin. We have hearts, resentful hearts, passionate hearts. We are humans, humans that exist in time.
Nostalgia is powerful, and living fully even worse. By logic, life passes, things end.
But new things come.
Nostalgia for the end, nostalgia for the past… What a burden.


José Arvide

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