Crumbling particles resonating through the walls of my veins. Dispersed among them but together by mere will of folly. A controlled insanity that enables our senses to expresse themselves and taste the ecstasy of living, yet letting respect and pureness rest in place. A duality that expands into a prism of sound, colors and tastes, all uniting and giving shape to life. Pure love. But yet this empowering explosion and time dissipating notion will always take our head away. Away into the darkest parts of our unknown self.

Why would such a folly and insanity carry us to the taboo corners of our soul? Is it our sensibility to the shinning energy flow of life? Or is it the discovery and inspection of our purest self?

Oh insanity, as your same toot claims, you are a head crumbling non-sense addiction that takes us to a parallel reality where comprehension and incoherence merge together. You make us meet what we desire the most, passion and discharge, yet you show us that all sublimities in life carry a price to pay.

So I cry to the moon and those vastly star invaded nights. I cry for the release of the load that the gods of insanity put on those who praise at it. I cry, yet I laugh, for the same spirit that rends me mad makes me love what makes me soar.

Oh insanity, let me go insane without making me moan. Yet I know that you only work as the duality lets itself show the hidden treasures of life.

José Arvide

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