When the sun goes down, melting away his caresses into the sky which consonants with the ocean, lively colors are scattered through the deep pale depth during some short sensuous instants. Later, as by art of magic, light is consumed into the infinite horizon giving space to the poked voidness and its full-cristal-covered vastness. Then, to mystify the night, a marvelous and alluring sentinel rests next to us through the vivid night, just until the next prismatic fest arrives with its celebrating aperture. -Jose A. Arvide

How beautiful can a sunset, the night, and a sunrise be. How beautiful can all this life be! Life has been roller-coasting all over myself, or rather, I have spiraled and melted through it by experiencing and self-explorating. The recent 5 months have meant a huge life shift in my storyboard. My mind has changed its form just as when plastic is molded (the word plastic means something that can be reshaped but it can’t return to its previous shape). The aperture of my eyes, my ears, the nerve terminals in my hands, lips and tongue have augmented. My sense of gravity and how it pulls me into this divine earth have increased. Each time I feel more and more grounded. More and more connected with myself and with all that surrounds me. My smile has undecidedly rested in a slightly sincere lift, where it shows how enthusiastic I am, but how human and carnal I can be. The dreamy feeling of love and foggy vision I get from loving, dancing, singing and hand standing is still there, every time more meaningful and purposeful. Why not continue anything that can rend life to our lives? The amount of “Bonjour” I say per day have increased. The amount of handshakes, kisses, hugs and glimpsy smiles have increased as well. The weight of exterior and mundane uncomfortable factors that rest in my back are currently under the process of release. Im working in my interior peace, just as always. For me, peace in my interior has always meant stability in my life. All the experiences I have been collecting are simply as how I like to call upon them, adventures. Little, small, big, enormous, weird, bizarre, grand, unnoticeable, lovely… Experiences of all shapes, colors, forms and degrees. My presentness has improved, my wavy esprit (mind/soul in french) and my uncoordinated body have been working together lately, good old teamwork. Wine has been tasting differently, just as how good cold beers have been rending me a different lift. Maybe it is because of my different approach to them. The great friend-reuniting and time dilating acoustic instruments have been making those time & space diffusive and merely love rending conversations intensify. In general, the ecstasy I feel for life is still there, still in my bloodstream and pumping through all my nerves and circuits. In fact, the dose of this trance enabling enthusiasm has been augmenting. Each time I enjoy with greater delirium those winter sunsets and sunrises. Each time I see the moon with bigger glassy and losty eyes. Each time I wonder farther away through stars and imagine what I can’t comprehend. Each time I hug tighter and let all my love conduct to those who open to me. Each time I tie stronger and firmer my shoelaces, just to be much more prepared for the unplanned adventures of life. I learn to let life drive me through this irregular valley, and to stop for some moments and enjoy the paradise. Keep on loving, changing, helping, experiencing and learning.


José Arvide

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