The end -A Tale About The End-

And I said goodbye. I waved my hand and letted my smile take a glimpse into the horizon. I am sure that my eyes reflected nostalgia, an oasis of smiles and laughs. I had nothing to say but “thank you”, for any kind of astonishment destroys my will to speak, just as fright takes away my power to move.

I could not go. I continued to wave my hand as if the time I wasted would gain me the passions I had not lived before. I had no will to leave, and simply being at the exit made me fell in an abysm of flashbacks.

The sun was about to hide under his horizon. He was about to push me out of here and say goodbye to me with his prismatic fest. I knew it approached, yet, apart from all my melancholy and attachments to all I had ever been, I knew that the end is just as beautiful as the very same journey.

The sun painted his rays in the sky. The clouds worked as partners and opened towards the sun. Shades of bleu, red and yellow were reflected against these, letting a paradisiac light fall into the whole valley. I was one with it.

My eyes were static. My hands had fallen on top of my laps by mere gravity. I was dead alive. I had nothing more to do than to be and wait. It all had came for once. It was that that old people called, The End.

José Arvide


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