Open letter -2015-

Love. That was the word of the year. This word is probably the one that has the most physical and ideal representations. Love is presented in every action, every thought. The same evolutionary momentum that makes all things flourish and continue living is the essence of love. The will to reach higher, together, that is love.

Love was the word that outlines and out stands this year. Love towards the neighbor, towards the enemy, towards family, towards animals, towards nature, towards life. Love towards the creation, towards the realization that you are the universe. Love towards this universe, love towards you.

This year was a blessing. A year to grow and to help. A year to learn and experience. This was the year that I woke up towards my self. I woke up towards this universe. I woke up to the sunlight. I became a light warrior.

This 2015 I have a mission, a great journey to continue. A tao to flow. As a tantric light warrior, as I denominate my self, I have to spread the idea of living fully and richly. I have to speak my mind and help others spread their wings and fly into their own truth. It is necessary that people wake up and see that they have the power of the universe, and that they can open their sensory and mental perception into the mysterious and beautiful unknown.

This year, I want to love more. This year I want to stare more at the setting sun. I want to lay on the ground and look at the shapes of the clouds and how they form incredible worlds together with the prismatic sunlight rays.

This year I want to laugh crazingly. Laugh until tears jump out from the corner of my eyes. This year, I want to smile at everything. I want to smile when I feel like doing contrary, I want to smile even more when I am supposed to smile.

This year I want to be out. Out of the close minded world. I want to be out of the human made world and adventure my self in the natural flourishing world. I want to be here, I want to be everywhere.

This year I want to commute. I want to share laughs, tears, smiles and passions. I want to share a piece of me with the world. I want to share what my cosmic neurons create and share it with the rest of the network. I want to learn and expand my horizons.  I want to be as infinite as the ocean and multilayered as the universe.I want to reach a state of mind where curiosity and skepticism, but together with faith on the unknown ontology, recreates my reality.

This year I want to clean my self. I want to find my deepest aches and heal them. I want to invest time into my body, mind and soul. I want to increasingly achieve the yet debatable so-called illumination. I want to reach my higher self.

It is a new year. A new fresh start according to the illusion of time and the way we have conceptualize it. This year, just as I have said in all the past beginnings, is going to be a great year.

Oh 2014, you thought me so much, you amused me so much, you were good.

Thanks life for this great adventure.

Viva la vie! 


José Arvide

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