Adventure Yourself

Imagine, for real. Do not just imagine with the mentality that what you see in your head is not real. Do not imagine as if all these frequencies you see are merely impermanent and null. Let your consciousness, your mind, create a solid reality out of your sublime dreams. Let gravity move your weight towards the direction you want to fall. Let yourself fall into an adventure, into a passion. Adventure yourself and search further, further from your perspective, further from the known. Go and run. Let your feet find momentum and your mind find flow. Go on and feel as one with the outside.

Yesterday I went to a place called Calanques in Marseille, France. There I encountered my self in a rocky coast that extends into an enormous coastline, about 20km long. Here I saw the ocean from a perspective which made me feel as a bird which is about to fly. The way the sun reflected into the crystal clear ocean made it resemble as a mirror which copies the shadows of the rocks. These rocks were tall and dense. Strong and voluminous. Threes sticked to these rocks and grew long towards the sky as if they were made out of the same material of these. The combination of water, rocks and trees makes Calanques unique and magic. Mystic, I prefer to say.

Here in Calanques I walked together with my family. We took a promenade along the coastline. The momental beauty of running and jumping from rock to rock, trying to evade the natural traps and rough areas made me find a climax where I felt as if I flowed through the ground. My nostrils wide open, inhaled the combination of pure and clean oxygen with the unique scent of the oceans’ breeze. My arms were ready to react to any circumstance. My eyes moved quick as hummingbird’s wings. My body was in a suspended lapse where all I did was react and flow in function to the momentum that my running caught together with the force of gravity. I was amused. I was adventuring in the wild.

Throughout those few hours where I healed my eyes with the contemplation of the beautiful landscape, where I purified my interior with the inevitable breathing of real air, where I smiled and felt connected with the pure beauty of our mother earth, I noticed that all that ecstasy I felt was thanks to my instinctive desire to adventure. I realized that throughout adventuring, discovering, experiencing and questioning, I feel the most alive. I become conscious about how simple it is for us to feel real happiness, –It only takes uniting human and nature.-

I felt alive. I felt the cocktail of substances that pleases my brain. The nectar of gods, the juice of life. I felt how time dissolved and that the only way to know where I was was by searching the sun’s light. Time and space became universal. I felt as if I were everywhere, as if I were one with everything.

Please my fellow friends, go out and be. I shall keep remembering myself and thy who love to hear, Life is an adventure and there is no further to go.
Let Mr. Watts say the endmost word:

“Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun.”
― Alan W. Watts

José Arvide

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