Obvious Question

For what are we if we pose to ourselves the wrong questions?
Should we not ask ourselves the questions that first come to our minds, from the source, from the instinct?

The most logical question that we can pose to ourselves is, Why are stars so beautiful? What is up there that makes us contemplate and stare at stars and their vibrating light? We look at these with such passion and amazement. We merely analyze them and live along with them. Such a great beauty. There are such wonders up there, a constant curiosity calls us towards these. It is the vastness and mystery what makes stars unique and soberly beautiful. Only stars need no words to be remarked. Only stars have the power to silence a whole world. Why in heaven would we not ask why are stars so beautiful? But Why Is So?

I cannot speak, I can only contemplate. I see them, I feel connected and as one. I see up there, I see my self. I see up there, I see my source. Stars please clean my soul.


José Arvide

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