Attachments and Passion

A couple days ago I found myself with a group of friends on a park during a cold winter night. We had music, drinks, canna and lots of smiles and laughs. It seemed that the painful wind made the cold become like whips that hit our bodies. It was really annoying. As our solution-seeker minds did their jobs and looked for the systems and logical processes that would find the way to minimize the disturbing weather, time was wasted with useless, hopeless, and pure dreaming comments such as: I wish it would not be cold, I wish it would be summer, It is to cold!

As time passed, the great simple idea of making a bonfire came across when we found lots of pieces of wood. The idea was and authentically Eureka! We got to work and gave life to the once idea and excitement. We had made a beautiful, strong and safe-provider bonfire. We would get around the bonfire, stretch our hands, raise our shoulders and enjoy the conversation. We were extremely happy and grateful for the achievement, we forgot about the winter chillness and concentrated on the time dissolving chatter and laughs.

Concentration started to get lost, and it was then when I thought about the moment when we had to leave the bonfire. “Sufferfest”, I thought. Leaving such a comforting source of heat and amusement seemed as a horrible retreat. We had to leave at one point and that was sure, but the necessity of this heat and our already accustomed bodies would impede us from leaving the place. We were once attached to the moral destructing feelings of coldness, and now we were attached to the moral lifting heat. My mind now wondered around the easiness and proneness of attachments that we have. I couldn’t figure out why we are never comfortable and always live trying to change the moment and thinking about what comes next. 

I stared to trip out into my mind and lose the connection between my eyes and what I saw in the moment. I started to look back into my behavior and analyze why we are so discontentful. I noticed that when ever we live as if there was nothing more than living in the moment, passion would emerge and power our souls. I noticed that when we doubt, regret, wish and criticize, I lose concentration and love to the experience. It may sound obvious, but because of this we oversee it.

Then I raised my eyes and came back from my quick mental voyage. Those brain trips that show that our mental capacity is simply astonishing and quick. I got a small permanent smile in my face and came back to the moment. Without much effort, for this is the only way to find presentness, I started to lose any time perception or discomfort. Time flew by and thoughts of past, future or annoyingness dissolved. I was living passionately, I was living fully.

Passion is only found when we believe that the present is perfect and profitable. Carpe Diem, Size the day. Live flows, when we constrict this flow or block it with our illusions the flow is lost and the passion towards the adventure and the unknown disappears.

Look at life, isn’t is simple and humbly beautiful?

José Arvide

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