Who am I?

I melt away into my thoughts, as if they were hot coal, and I, simple ice in a pot. I might appear as a clear crystal, always reflecting light, giving nature to all colors and joys. I might seem as if the clearness in my fractals illustrated the peace in my esprit, but as water, I am easy to tease. I melt away easily, I become dirty quickly. I am no more impatient than a hungry lion, and no more confused than a lost dragon. I might flow, but this does not prevents me from all the clogs. Many thoughts block me from the flow, many thoughts separate me from this world. I do not know if crystals senses, but I, I sense it all. Maybe too sensitive towards this great beauty, for when we fall crazingly into love, we ache equally when its lost. Oh praised shall be those who think not at all! For these are who smile sincerely with no question at all. How separate I feel from my eyes and smile! I try to see my back, but all I find is my self running around. How did I came to this world? What do I do here at all? Oh let me find love, maybe it will be the beauty of a whole what will make me feel as in a perfect flow. For I have felt it once, and why shall it not be felted twice.


José Arvide


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