Whisper my dear.

Silence my dear. Silence my love.

Stop shouting words as if they where mundanely given to everyone. Silence your anxiety, lets whisper love instead. Don’t let gluttony overtake love again. Best things better come in seductive magnitudes, just what is needed to give us tremors.

But my dear of dearest, by whisper I do not mean that we shall not shine as the sun has done through out ages. By whispering I do not hold my breath, rather I let all out. By whispering I do not, by any manners, fear the color shades on a yell. Rather I like to keep things as sensual as possible, as secret as possible, as mysterious as possible. It is not this what gives youth and adventure to our lives? Is not the discovering of the unknown and the unknown of the result what makes us challenges the gods from the cosmos? Is not this what moves our spirit?

Is it not the great mystery, to give it a honorable name, what we so call as life?

I will tell you, hopefully to the tune of the ongoing musique, that shall I live intensely until the day that I rest under this shared ground. I shall smile. Smile to those who I call friends. I shall smile to those who I call “no friends”. I shall smile to the bee that gives me food, and the tree that gives me breath.

An to you my dear of dearest, I shall keep whispering what we frankly call love. But do not, I repeat onto Venus, do not forget that whispering is much lauder that all the noise we do not intend to reproduce.

Whisper along with me, lets move along together.

José Arvide

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