My dearest friends

One day, can’t remember when it was, for my mind rests in this moment rather than in the past, I woke up and danced. I have no need to remember dates, places or faces, rather feelings are those that rest in ease with me. They rest in me for they are alive. They prove that I am one with life. Memories, in contrary to feelings, are no more than an opaque pictures from a nostalgic camera, not an old one.

So I woke up and danced I said. I shacked my nerves and mingled with air. Jumped as high as I could and nearly touched all the light rays. I smiled with out ease, wrinkled the sides of my lips, letting the edges of my teeth see the truth there is. Then, I ran. I started running as fast as I can. I made each stroke much larger, opened as much as the middle ocean that rests between the new and old. I jumped on top of the rocks, cushioned with my hands, grabbed momentum and jumped through the air.

I was so happy, happy as never again. I found love! I screamed while I laughed. Anxiety burned into ashes, and as The Fenix, turned into a dragon!  A dragon of love, a dragon of laughter. For how much difference is there between a simple and sincere laughter, and the feeling of love? Is not laughter the act of love? Is not loving the act of a great laughter? Do not you, human as I, love to laugh, love to love, love while laughing and its inverse?

I found love, I said. I found laugh in my life.

Laugh my dearest friends. Love thy who understand.

José Arvide

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