Have you seen life?

Have you seen life?

Do you know what life is?

Life is a complex world where an infinite number of beings coexist.

An infinite number of precious souls which make life stay in track.


Life is all the nightmares and dreams you can have.

All the adventures and quest you can be part of.

Life is the sunset at the end of the day,

The chant accompanied by the guitar chord.

Life is the pure sound of two lips kissing,

Two lips singing,

two lips sharing.


Life is waiting for the fruits to grow,

the letter to arrive,

the music to start,

your love to arrive.


Life is the same patience you have to be able to live in it.

Life is love.

Life is struggle just as flow.


Life is all of the pain you can feel,

all the pain you can carry.

Life is all the pain you can let go.

Life is letting go just as holding on to the present.

Life is in the present,

life is in the all.


Life is precious,

life is our home.

Precious city where we grow.

Where we experience,

where we fall,

where we stand up and help the other souls.


Life is our nest of memories,

wishes and hopes.

Life is the nest of our illusions,

our delusions,

our tears and joys.


Life is the dog that waves his tail,

the cat that escapes from the rain,

Life is the bird that sings,

and the one who sees him sing.

Life is the rain that falls,

the one who dances in it,

and the sun that arrises from it.


Life is the moon that rules the night,

the mysterious night.

Life is the stars when they are seen,

and the stars when they are unrevealed.

Life is the laughs under the stars,

the bonfires,

the kisses and pranks.


Life is light,

subtle and simple.

Life is marvelous,

stunning and flow.


So have you seen life?

Have you seen it all?

Have you seen all you can do, choose, and create?

Have you seen that life is a grand privilege, a big adventure, a unique world?

Have you seen that life is a dimension full of beautiful, unknown magic souls?

Adventures, possibilities and the unknown?


Have you?


José Arvide

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