Illusion of Ego

Ego, from latin meaning, “the self; that which feels, acts, or thinks,”, is no more than the separation between you and me. The ego, or the self, is the individual and his foundations. This is true when we think we human beings are consciously separated, as the ego resides in the consciousness which certainly isn’t physical. But is really the ego what elaborates the feelings, acts and thoughts? How can the ego be a separate identity, defying one being? We are products of socialization and experimentation. We can not be born with an ego if we haven’t experienced and absorbed information. We can´t have a perception without socialization. Our perception is based upon the values we have absorbed. We can´t have a specific flow of thoughts and a concrete criticism to create our own ethics if we don’t have any kind of base of thought. If the ego exists, what is the base that creates this ego? To have a self there has to be an interaction, consequently a result, in this case the self. Ourselves as we know.

Technically the ego can´t exist for we are mere products of a complex chain of socialization and interactions. We perceive ourselves as one separate because our mind and consciousness resides enclose in a carnal body. We are connected and dependent. We together create a whole. The illusion that I am Jose Arvide and you are Jason Demarco exists because I am and you are enclosed in a body. Jose Arvide exists because you exist. There is no need of a name when no differentiation exists. There is no need of self when there is one.

If we depend upon each other, then this is a paradox. We conceived as separate only because we are connected. We say we have an ego because we have to differentiate, even though we would not exist if the rest would not exist.

The ego is the body. No more than a barrier of separation. An illusion which is followed wrongly. We have to be separate to interact and cause an effect. But separate does not mean we are not one. We are separate parts of a one.

If we continue with the illusion of the ego we will never realize that this is stoping us from progressing. We won’t stop hurting each other. We wont stop dominating each other. The effect on one part of the whole will affect directly the rest of the system. The material produced in one being will be passed throughout the rest by his interactions.


José Arvide

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