Life. Time. Consciousness. Soul. Space. Brain. Love.

Here I name some of the greatest paradoxes. Some of the great mysteries which have always been studied deeply and intensely for an answer that explains them. Yet we have never found an answer. We might get close enough, but yet, its all about the multiple different perspectives and opinions. Ultimately, isn’t life all about all the different essences in every light raying being? All the different thoughts, actions, possibilities, abilities, that every one of us have?

I believe that life is more tasteful when it is full of different essences. Then we have more to taste, live and seek. Then we realice that life is complex, and its complexity relies on all the different things we can enjoy. Yes enjoy. And when I say enjoy, I mean everything in life. Everything, for the meaning of enjoy is ¨To have the use or benefit of something.¨ (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/enjoy), when we live life fully we surely get benefit from every experience, whether it is a rough or easy flowing experience. At the end we intrinsically seek for experiences, when we seek for experiencing we seek for learning, when we seek for learning, the best way is to open up to life.
But for living, enjoying, experiencing, for opening up to life, it takes opening up to time. It takes opening our minds into the idea that time flies as we learn to fly, take our first jump and start to fly. Time never stops but just for recording permanently in life those moments that we discovered. Those moments when we adventured our selves and opened our hearts fully into leaning.

So time. Isn’t it one of the many paradoxes that exist? Life is a game between past and future. Theoretically present doesn’t exist but yet we are sure that the only way to live fully in life is by living in this never existing ghost like present. Talking about enjoying and letting go and further more, talking about the essence of life will always redirect us into the paradox of time and its un-existing present.
But time is something more than a past a future and an imaginary present. Time is a journal where we print our lives into. It is a open book for all of us where we are truly our own judges, we are the real writers and readers of our lives. Time is a diary where we write our secrets, memories, success and ¨fails¨. Life is all, for we are present in life and nowhere else (something to philosophize about).

As I said, in life we are writers, judges and readers. As all my other posts, I invite you to write as much valuable things you can. Go out play around and try out, be curious as any toddler. Smile to life, take you Indiana Jones hat and adventure through the jungle of essences. I invite you to write as much in this diary that is time. But as you write and write, which is what I encourage in many of my posts, I want to encourage you in this special post to look back! We learn from living but we also enjoy and learn from looking back and remembering!

As we look back, enjoy and remember we get those sudden smiles. Those sudden laughters, giggles, shakes and butterflies. As we remember as witnesses we start noticing that the value of living fully is meaningful. We become conscious and notice that all the writing we have done has made a great book out of time. We ourselves have produced a best seller, unique and original book. A forever lasting classic, euphoric, emotions booster and uplifting book.

As we look back we see most importantly that learning and ¨writing¨in life is the best way to be able to smile everyday. It is the best way to feel love, laugh, and be positive everyday. Life is truly inspirational and beautiful, life is truly… well, when I find the precise word I will make a whole post on it… As I said, life is another of the many paradoxes.

Go out; love, laugh, live. Cliche right? But how true it is.
Go out and record in time, record in your own personal journal all you can.
I mean, ALL.

José Arvide

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