Impermanence, as we know it, is the root of our existence. Everything in our life is changing everyday, every minute, every second. Life does not only change but it evolves. It evolves into something new, something higher. By higher I mean that, our life evolves into something of a higher frequency, something more positive, more meaningful, something more abundant in love. But this transformation only happens as we commit. We humans have an instinct of fight or flee, even though we always seek for growth, there is something that blocks us, or at least makes it harder for us to evolve. As we commit into our own progress and shift down our egocentric mindset, we will start to see life clearer. Life will seem easy flowing even though we might still find hard, painful and out of balance experiences.
So why commitment is such an important factor in spiritual and mental evolution? Why is it that commitment is so hard to find? Commitment takes courage, takes hard work and lots of introspective; lots of deep personal reflection. As we dig deeper in us we find ourselves facing our ego. Our main barrier, our sickening and blurring barrier which always gets in our way when we are about to take a big step, face a big fear, or simply get out of our comfort zone.
So we know we are beings of constant evolution, but just as the yin and yang, there is a dark side, not a negative side, but a dark side which complements our whole. We have the love towards evolution, and the fear imposed by ego, but neither of them is negative, but both are coexisting. Coexisting because these two complement and merge forming a teacher, a life coach, there is where we come into play, as th’e students of life.
So we know we unconsciously lean towards progress, evolving and self updating, but we should also be conscious about our fear imposing ego. We need to be conscious about our ego and at the same time commit towards the path of self upgrading. As we commit and look at our selves rather than judging people and imposing barriers instead of solutions, we will start waking up and noticing how our life enters a flow state. We notice that our life enters involuntary into a path towards self mastery.
So we should acknowledge impermanence, and evolve with it. We need to commit to life, to love and introspection. It wont be until we look at ourselves rather than the outside world that progress will really escalate into a whole new conscious level.

José Arvide


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